Designer Concrete Coatings

Designer Concrete Coatings

*Clear & *Colour Tinted Concrete Sealers & Solvents

High quality *clear & *colour tinted acrylic co-polymer solvent-based sealers; and, solvents, intended for use on concrete pavements and compatibility with Designer Concrete Coatings surface-formed coloured concrete, stencil & stamped decorative concrete; and, concrete pavement resurfacing systems. Concrete Sealers are normally applied at the appropriate time after completion of the work and /or for the purpose of resealing concrete flatwork surfaces that is a discretionary maintenance option of pavement owners.

  • Technical guides & specifications and MSDS information for Designer Concrete Coatings concrete sealers & solvents and application advice; and, precautions and limitations of product use, may be down-loaded from our website or available on request by the intended user:

*Important PDS Information

*Clear Concrete Sealer:

  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Excellent weather resistance – UV stabilised
  • Excellent alkali resistance to exposure to hard-state concrete
  • Excellent seal uniformity over various porosity surfaces
  • High degree of toughness to exposure of normal light-traffic residential concrete driveways and pedestrian footpaths &general outdoor concrete areas
  • Excellent overall properties of durability, appearance and general protection
  • Compatible for use with recognised spray-on or troweled decorative concrete resurfacing systems manufactured by Designer Concrete Coatings Pty Ltd
  • Good general concrete resealing maintenance capabilities subject to proper preparation and workmanship and if the existing and previously applied concrete sealer is not brittle with age and in good condition and is an equivalent solvent-based co-polymer sealer product

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*Clear Sealer Base (19Lt) & Colour Tinter (1Lt):

  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Excellent weather resistance – UV stabilised
  • Excellent overall properties of durability, appearance and general protection
  • Colour Tint (1Lt) range is selectively match as close as technically possible to the colours available from the DCC Multi-Mix decorative coloured concrete options displayed on our website under ‘stencil & stamped concrete’
  • The product requires proper surface preparation procedures and application method recommended by Designer Concrete Coatings Pty Ltd to ensure acceptable  aesthetic outcomes consistent with the expected serviceability performance of the product during its design life
  • Suitable as a DIY product if the user applies the product in a proper and workmanlike manner and in accordance with general guidance given by Designer Concrete Coatings Pty Ltd

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*Prime & Seal Concrete Sealer:

  • Recognised properties to aid the concrete curing process of fresh cast-in-place decorative coloured concrete flatwork
  • Excellent initial seal properties over various porosity surfaces to ‘prime’ the concrete flatwork and prepare for installation of a finish coat using DCC Clear Concrete Sealer
  • Excellent general and initial concrete surface protection limited to certain environment conditions but not from damage by mechanical means or undue influence of other sources

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2 Component Waterborne Polyurethane

  • Industrial floor coatings/commercial floor coatings
  • Restaurants, garages, resistant to oil spills
  • High quality, excellent durability and aesthetic performance for polished concrete surfaces
  • Slip coatings (with additive)
  • Hard wearing
  • Fine for outdoors/UV stabilised
  • Chemical & Stain resistant
  • Excellent gloss development
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Recoatable

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Supa Impregnation
  • Excellent general protection properties over various masonry surfaces
  • Weather resistant – UV Stabilised
  • Tough resistance to corrosive elements
  • Ideal for natural stone paving, flooring and walling surfaces
  • Repels water
  • Dries fast after application

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*DCC Concrete Densifier

  • Concrete ‘dusting’ treatment for mature and new hard-state concrete flatwork
  • Excellent treatment uniformity over various concrete ‘wearing layer’ surfaces  displaying evidence of ‘chalking’ or ‘spalling’ damage
  • Hardens soft and ‘dusting’ concrete surfaces to preclude otherwise premature and possibly accelerated abrasion wear of the surface layer
  • Recommended treatment of powdery ‘friable’ concrete surfaces before use of concrete sealer or paint products and definitely prior to installation of any concrete resurfacing system that relies on the underlying concrete surface substrate for bond support

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  • Diluting solution for ‘thinning’ Decorative Concrete Sealer when high penetration of the concrete surface is specified or required prior to application of final finish coat to freshly placed or existing unsealed hardened concrete surfaces
  • Practical cleaning agent for low pressure spray units used for sealer application and where products such as window cleaners (methyl alcohol) are spilt on clear sealed surfaces that chemically react to produce ‘whitening’ of the sealer

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  • Clear sealer rejuvenating compound used for moisture release from freshly placed sealer that otherwise can remain ‘frosty white’ in appearance and, ideal where original sealer coats aged from 1-2 years (should first be treated with Repsol before resealing)

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Tyre Mark Remover
  • Purpose designed for clear sealed residential pavement surfaces where minor skid marks from rubber tyres disrupt decorative appearance
  • Follow recommended tyre mark removal method printed on product packaging
  • Resealing may be needed after use of TMR

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*Paint Stripper

  • For intended purpose of removal of ‘aged & brittle’ acrylic co-polymer sealers from coloured concrete surfaces that must be stripped before resealing; and, where such sealers must be removed before installation of any decorative concrete resurfacing system
  • Product use for sealer removal requires experienced technique for the performance of the work and should only be carried out by professional tradespersons with due diligence to product application safety and environment protection precautions

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Designer Concrete Coatings Pty Ltd recommends product use by experienced licensed tradespersons with relevant insurance currency to carry out the work. DIY product use is not advised except if the user responsibly satisfies themself as to the suitability of their workmanship competency and ability to carry out the installation of the product in the proper manner recommended by the product manufacturer and relies on their own examination of product suitability, precautions and limitations of use and any processes required of the product consistent for the purpose intended of the product and warrants the same.

For product information / technical support service contact Designer Concrete Coatings Pty Ltd - Head Office, Ingleburn NSW: Ph: 9829 3311 / Fax: 9829 3544