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Designer Beadcrete®

A simply unique architectural pool finish that creates magnificent light refraction in the water – spectacular by day – sensational at night with the pool lights on.

How much nicer to have something special …. that is tailored for you.

Choose from an array of rich reflective colours that so magically complement your concrete pool design, your home and lifestyle surroundings.

Unlike ordinary standard exposed aggregate concrete pool finishes, Designer Beadcrete‚ patented technology has extraordinary ingredients – small “retro-reflective” clear bead spheres combined with selected coloured quartz that mirror light under the surface of the pool’s water and create a vibrant sparkling finish of astounding aesthetic appeal. Product quality and consistency is assured through pre-blended packaging and factory manufacture. Because Designer Beadcrete is the very latest functional development in polymer modified cement/aggregate technology, this results in improved durability, colorfast performance and a slip-resistant, smooth textured concrete pool finish that is truly user-friendly.

Designer Beadcrete‚ is the ultimate decorative finish when you build, renovate or remodel your concrete pool.

Designer Beadcrete‚ has something special to offer that other reinforced concrete pool finishes don’t – a combination of versatility, originality and natural durability to complement any design theme.

Whether you wish to change your current pool shell coating or plan an entire renovation upgrade inclusive of water features or want your new concrete pool to reflect a unique colour finish of lasting beauty then Designer Beadcrete‚ is your design solution with ease of maintenance. There are no special treatments required to preserve aesthetic appearance except to use a normal automatic suction cleaner and simply keep the pool water sanitised and chemically balanced … is that easy!

Designer Beadcrete‚ gives your concrete pool a rich beauty that cannot be achieved with any other pool finish material

Designer Beadcrete‚ is the ultimate choice of homeowners, pool builders and architects for a number of reasons:

  • Complements pool designs – quality, classic finish creating a stunning “retro-reflective” colour feature that is unique and can enhance the style and architectural form of any concrete swimming pool – old or new.
  • Perfect on any shape or curve – flows and melds to any pool shape and to the tightest curves without disruption to decorative effect. The finish is smooth textured and flat to practically eliminate skin abrasion yet provide slip resistance appropriate for applied pool finishes.
  • Comprehensive colour range – simply stunning choice to transform any concrete pool into an object of unique beauty and lifestyle appeal.
  • Easy to maintain – polymeric cement modification means less regular maintenance/lower chemical costs and improved stain resistance and durability.
  • Assured product quality and consistency – pre-blended and bagged for colour uniformity and design performance.
  • Preferred applicators – ability to perform the work in a proper and workmanlike manner is to your advantage and exclusively referred to you by Designer Beadcrete‚ accredited distributors.

Designer Beadcrete‚ Technology practically eliminates skin cuts and abrasions to family members – especially children.

Normal concrete aggregate pool finishes are traditionally known for being abrasive – more risk of skin cuts and abrasions to family members and especially after prolonged periods in the pool when water can cause softening of the body skin.

Designer Beadcrete‚ is different. Its patented technology locks the “retro-reflective” spheres into a finely graded aggregate matrix using acrylic polymer modified cement. The result is a smooth textured, slip resistant surface that is easy on the skin and less likely to cause the cuts and abrasions typical of traditional aggregate pool finishes.

Designer Beadcrete‚ - an Australian innovation.

Demand for better pool finishes in Australia and overseas introduced Designer Beadcrete‚ technology – an Australian-owned and patented invention manufactured in NSW by Designer Concrete Coatings Pty Ltd. Designer Beadcrete‚ has been engineered to satisfy the needs of today’s homeowners, pool builders and architects.

Special patented retro-reflective sphered beads are set in the high-strength polymer modified cement matrix. When exposed to water mist, they magnify the matrix colour which in turn relects light back to its source and refracting when it hits the surface of the pool’s water to produce a ‘shimmering’ or ‘glowing effect. The decorative result is simply stunning.